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Dear GFN customers:

First, thank you for being customers of GFN. We have appreciated your business. Second, we have decided to discontinue GFN online services so our company can focus on other endeavors. GFN will no longer be available effective December 1, 2016. Our customer service will discontinue your recurring payments by the end of October, but you will continue to have access to GFN until December 1, 2016.


Dave Kester and Mike Carmody

GoFigureNow is dedicated to explaining complex financial concepts in an accurate, understandable and unbiased manner. The two products currently available - GFN Indexed Annuity and GFN Retirement - are discussed in more detail below.

GFN Indexed Annuity
Indexed products are the fastest growing insurance products in the industry. Unfortunately, they are also one of the least understood. This tool designed by actuaries will help you understand the components and features of indexed products with clear descriptions and graphs. GFN Indexed Annuity allows you to enter product features and view how the product would have performed on a historical basis.

Indexed products can meet financial needs by balancing risk and reward. They provide a great opportunity for many people, but only those who understand product performance will reap the full benefits.

GFN Retirement
The government and corporations have greatly reduced retirement funding. Individuals must assume the responsibility or risk financial ruin. But how much is enough? Is it appropriate to just assume an earned rate on the assets and life expectancy? This tool will show the true risk of retirement income, considering both the economic and mortality risk.

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